Moving to
Colorado Springs

Instructions: When you listen to and watch the interview about moving,
you will hear the words below. In this activity, you will hear the words, hear
and see the definitions of the words, and hear an explanation of them so that you
could better understand the video.

Hear itThe New WordsDefinition
f1.mp3 formerly

e1.mp3 ethnic e2.mp3
ml1.mp3 minor league ml2.mp3
p1.mp3 pace p2.mp3

Instructions: Before you watch the video, read the questions.

Then watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.
You could pause the video by clicking on pause.

You could watch and listen to the video, or you could read the text by clicking on the closed caption icon.


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1. Chicago is . . .
A. smaller than Colorado Springs.
B. larger than Colorado Springs.
C. the same size as Colorado Springs.

2. When did Rick become interested in Colorado?
A. on a family vacation to Colorado
B. when he went to school in Colorado
C. when he got a job in Colorado

3. Which statement is NOT true about Colorado Springs?
A. It has 361,000 people.
B. It has a major league baseball team.
C. It is close to the mountains.

4. According to Rick, Colorado Springs is . . .
A. a bad place to live.
B. an okay place to live.
C. a good place to live.

5. Based on what Rick says in the interview, his decision to move was . . .
A. a bad one.
B. a good one.
C. neither good or bad.

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