Job Applications

Look at this Job Application. Then read and answer the questions about it.

Employment Application

Name: Sanchez  William  M       SSN: 445-12-1345
Address: 3456 East Platte Avenue
City: Colorado Springs      State: Colorado       Zip 80903
Telephone: 719.468.2219
Position wanted: Salesperson       What date can you begin working? Jan 15
Preference ____PT      __x__FT      __x__OT     

Last School Attended: Palmer High School    Colorado Springs, CO
Graduated: __x__ Yes  ___No   Year: 2002

Work Experience
Dates: June 2004 - present    Company: Sears - Southgate
Position: Stock Clerk     Salary: $7.85 an hour
Reason for Leaving: not enough hours

Dates: June 2003 - June 2004    Company: Walmart - 8th Street
Position: Stocker     Salary: $6.25 an hour
Reason for Leaving: low salary

Good with numbers, can easily talk to people, organized

William SmithSupervisor, Walmart719.547-6587
Robert Kimfriend 719.687.2358
Richard PattersonTeacher, Palmer H.S.719.328.0214