Job Interview

Instructions: When you listen to and watch the video about job interview
questions, you will hear the words below. In this activity, you will hear the words,
see the definitions of the words, and hear an explanation of them so that you
could better understand the video.

Hear itThe New WordsDefinition
v1.mp3 seeking

v2.mp3 aware v2a.mp3
v3.mp3 traits v3a.mp3
v4.mp3 deadline v4a.mp3
v5.mp3 qualified v5a.mp3
v6.mp3 patience v6a.mp3
v7.mp3 self-starter v7a.mp3
v8.mp3 initiative v8a.mp3
v9.mp3 punctual v9a.mp3
v10.mp3 efficient v10a.mp3
v11.mp3 strategies v11a.mp3

Instructions: Before you watch the video, read the questions.

Then watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.
You could pause the video by clicking on pause.

You could watch and listen to the video, or you could read the text by clicking on the closed caption icon.


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1. Why do interviewers ask you about your thoughts for the future?
A. They are making conversation.
B. They want to know if you will be happy in the position.
C. They want to know your long range goals.

2. How can you talk about how qualified you are for a job?
A. Give examples of your experiences.
B. Give a list of your best qualities.
C. Talk specifically.

3. How can you talk about your greatest strengths?
A. Tell them you are patient.
B. Tell them you are a qualified candidate.
C. Talk about qualities you have that relate to the position.

4. How can you talk about your weaknesses?
A. Admit them.
B. Tell them that you have this problem, but you figured out how to work on it.
C. Tell them that you don't have any weaknesses.

5. How do you tell the interviewer that you are a team player, a self-starter, organized or punctual?
A. Give examples.
B. Just say yes.
C. Tell him how you are organized.

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