Instructions: Before you watch the video, read the questions.

Then watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.
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You could watch and listen to the video, or you could read the text by clicking on the closed caption icon.


1. Her father was interested in
A. all sports.
B. only golf and bowling.
C. staying healthy.

2. Everyone in her family had some
A. time for music.
B. recreational interest.
C. exercise program.

3. Together the family went
A. camping.
B. skiing.
C. hiking.

4. The family moved together when
A. she was young.
B. she was in high school.
C. doesn't say.

5. At some time in the past, there were
A. many families camping together.
B. people skiing in the Alps.
C. fewer rules about rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods.

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