My Road Trips in
the Western U.S.

Instructions: When you listen to the story and watch the slides about these road
trips, you will hear the words below. In this activity, you will hear the words, hear
and see the definitions of the words, and hear an explanation of them so that you
could better understand the video.

Hear itThe New WordsDefinition
sc.mp3 scenery sc1.mp3
ex.mp3 exhausted ex1.mp3
po.mp3 pulled off po1.mp3
ai.mp3 aimed ai1.mp3
ba.mp3 barreling ba1.mp3
cc.mp3 close call cc1.mp3
bl.mp3 blizzard bl1.mp3
ri.mp3 ran into ri1.mp3
cu.mp3 catching up cu1.mp3

Instructions: Before you watch the video, read the questions.

Then watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.
You could pause the video by clicking on pause.


1. According to the speaker, Wyoming and Montana have
A. many beautiful mountains.
B. a lot of flat land.
C. a lot of gas stations.

2. The travellers needed to watch the gas tank because
A. there weren't many gas stations.
B. it had a leak.
C. there were many gas stations.

3. The earth was shaking when they woke up because
A. they were in an earthquake.
B. a big truck rumbled past them.
C. a herd of sheep were running towards them.

4. The police often close highways in a blizzard because
A. it's too cold outside.
B. drivers can't see on the slick roads.
C. it's good to pull off the road.

5. Based on what the speaker says, it's probably not a good idea to
A. drive in Wyoming.
B. sleep in a gym.
C. drive in a blizzard.

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