Instructions: When you listen to and watch the video on Pocket Translators,
you will hear the words below. In this activity, you will hear the words, hear
and see the definitions of the words, and hear an explantion of them so that you
could better understand the video.

Hear itThe New WordsDefinition
1.mp3 increasingly globalized

3.mp3 speech-to-speech 4.mp3
5.mp3 multilingual 6.mp3
7.mp3 bewildering 8.mp3
9.mp3 translation device 0.mp3
11.mp3 audible 12.mp3
13.mp3 relief workers 14.mp3
15.mp3 military personnel 16.mp3
17.mp3 PDA 18.mp3
19.mp3 internal 20.mp3
21.mp3 unfamiliar 22.mp3
23.mp3 limited demand situations 24.mp3
25.mp3 navigation 26.mp3
27.mp3 interactions 28.mp3

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